We help health and wellness companies develop the next generation of products, faster and more affordably than ever before.

What is muuv labs?



We are a full innovation lab that is leveraging user research and deep data analysis to predict and build future innovations in the health and wellness industry.



We are comprised of a world-class mix of in-house behavioral psychologists, kinesiologists, content creators, and technologists with a passion for wellness plus a consortium of wellness partners.



Together with our partners, we help you research and understand human behavior then help you design, develop, and market customer-centric products. Our partners help us “plus” these products by providing media solutions, manufacturing, and distribution channels.



We are an extensive portfolio of modular and reusable IP to deliver solutions rapidly and in a cost-effective manner.



We've assembled a motivated group of investors who can provide the capital needed to fund your innovation.

Who we are innovating with

We partner with leading companies in the health and wellness space to help people move.

  • 24 Hour Fitness
  • Stamina Products
  • Anytime Fitness
  • SE Brands
  • The Bar Method
  • Stronger U

What we deliver

Our industry-leading work is proven to result in a higher ROI than internal efforts alone.

New Product

We discover and create the latest in fitness technology, both for our clients and internally.


We have proven methods to shift existing businesses into a digital focused model.


We are able to solve specific, targeted problems that clients may have within their existing digital ecosystem.


We can provide full stack services for smaller, independent businesses.

Our Products

Gym and Digital Fitness Platform

Omni-channel enterprise level digital fitness platform seamlessly integrated into back-end systems.

  • 24 Hour Fitness
  • Anytime Fitness
  • The Bar Method

Exercise Equipment Digital Fitness Platform

Provide the smart connection technology to exercise equipment, fitness content and programming to connect them all together into one seamless experience and the omni-channel app experience to workout to the equipment

  • Stamina Products

SAAS Solutions

Stand-Alone integrated fitness services to solve specific problems.

  • Recommendation and Engagement Engine
  • Smart Onboarding Plan
  • Smart Workouts
  • Club Check-in and Reservations System
  • GX Reservations, Reminder and Check-in Service
  • Club Virtual Training Service


Specific services as a service.

  • Digital Strategy Audit
  • Data Architecture and Insights
  • Personalized member messaging
  • Product launch research
  • Fitness content production

Work from our Labs

Our products currently serve over 11 million people between 24 Hour Fitness, Anytime Fitness and Stamina Products.

Smart Audio Coaching App
Müüv Smart Audio Coaching App

Combines smart audio coaching, seamless integration with Stamina at-home exercise equipment and encouragement from your friends to help you reach your goals faster while having more fun.

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24GO App
24GO Personalized Fitness Experience

Led by our AI-powered recommendation engine, we developed the industry leading Omni-Channel Digital Fitness Experience Platform for 24 Hour Fitness with 2.1 million active members.

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24GO Live
24GO Live

A 24/7 At-Home Workout Experience featuring a mix of live-stream workouts, amazing premium content and conversation.

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Club Reservations & Management System

Rapid development of capacity management and club reservation in response to Covid-19.

Muuv smart Equipment
Muuv smart Equipment

We create intelligent, affordable, integrated equipment with personality.

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Smart Workouts
Smart Workouts

Users share their preferences, we personalize their routine and together we adapt their routine while they workout.

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COVID-19 Club Reservation System
Touch-Free Club Check-In

Touch-free and QR enabled club check-in system developed rapidly in response to Covid-19. Used by 6.2 million club members.

Tech-Enabled Equipment

Integrating a portfolio of equipment from Stamina Products into the müüv smart coaching app.

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We're working with some of the best people in the business. Let us know what we can do for you.

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Lab Partners

We have key strategic and financial partners to help you succeed.

iHeart Radio

The best live stations from around the country, any time, any place

uPenn Behavioral Psychology

The oldest continuously functioning psychology department in North America

Right Source Marketing

Content marketing programs for B2B technology and healthcare technology organizations

Stamina Manufacturing

Consumer fitness equipment manufacturing

Capital Factory

Austin-based incubator for entrepreneurs in Texas

Swett Capital

Investment firm based in Austin, Texas

Meet Our Leaders

We've brought together a powerful mix of digital fitness, behavioral psychology, data science and product and engineering experience to identify, build and release innovative products.
Team Member

Alexandra has a Masters in Education from UT Austin. She has worked as a personal trainer, practiced various methods of exercise testing under the direction of exercise physiologists and has witnessed first hand, people experiencing the benefits of physical therapy and rehabilitation.

Alexandra Woodson

Marketing Manager
Team Member

Bio coming soon...

Bill Snyder

Senior Native Developer
Team Member

Christian has a technology systems degree from Canada’s College Lionel-Groulx and over two decades experience in software development, most recently for the Cube. He is firmly grounded in video streaming via mobile app (among other means).

Christian Roy

Lead Architect
Team Member

Drew has over a decade of experience in early stage companies, specializing in digital content and platforms for consumers. He was part of the team at MapMyFitness (acquired by Under Armour) where he drove several key initiatives including digital subscriptions and product analytics.

Drew Dodson

Data Architect and Analyst
Team Member

Elizabeth has a BS and an MS in Kinesiology and Health from UT Austin. She is a certified personal trainer and worked for the Fitness Institute of Texas at UT Austin where she acquired experience in fitness testing and leading group fitness exercise classes.

Elizabeth Garcia

Fitness Programming Lead
Team Member

Eric fills the sensory gap between people and technology. He went to UT in Arlington for a BFA in Graphic Design and has been pushing pixels around since 1998. Eric has the ability to visualize and translate ideas into highly usable results. His most recent work was done with a streaming social video platform that lead to acquistion.

Eric Gustafson

Creative Director
Team Member

Jeff is a self diagnosed health and fitness fanatic. He studied Applied Functional Science at the Gray Institute and is a certified personal trainer. Jeff is an experienced investor as a Principal for F&G Capital and Managing Partner for Apartment Home Living (sold to Apartments.com.)

Jeff Swett

Head of Innovation
Team Member

Jon is a product leader with over a dozen years of experience in conceptualizing, shipping, and growing best in class technology products across several verticals. He is passionate about delivering great user experiences. In his free time, Jon loves hiking, long-distance running, and traveling.

Jon Johnson

VP of Product
Team Member

Kim has an MA in Kinesiology from UT Austin and a BA in Psychology from Duke University. She was the editorial manager for the Journal of Physical Activity and Health, and more recently, she spent 6 years at TriggerPoint and Implus creating course content, consumer-facing content, and educating clients on their products.

Kim Adams

Director of Marketing
Team Member

Larry has successfully led and exited 5 tech startups. He has made a career leveraging leading edge technology to transform their industry including sandbox, apartments.com and auto.com. Larry is responsible for strategy, team management, partnerships and performance.

Larry Cotter

Team Member

Logan has a BS in Kinesiology and Exercise Science and a MEd in Exercise Psychology from UT, Austin. He is a former Performance Specialist for Train4TheGame and spent seven years as UT’s strength and conditioning coach (Basketball).

Logan Schwartz

Director of Wellness Programming
Team Member

Matt has an MEd in Kinesiology from UT Austin and a BS, Exercise and Movement Science from MSU. He is a certified Personal Trainer and Rehab Specialist. Matt conceived the algorithms that drive the company’s virtual trainer, personalization and customization.

Matt King

VP Digital Strategy & Content
Team Member

Micah has BA in Design Communication from Texas Tech and is the former CTO of The Cube. Micah has over a dozen years experience leading dev teams in the design and development of a wide range of technologies, but with a particular focus on video streaming.

Micah Nolte

Team Member

Mike has a BA in Business Administration from Loyola Marymount University. He has over 25 years of experience in varied IT leadership positions with IXC, Cincinnati Bell, Lap King and more. Mike leads our QA and Testing for all apps and platforms. In his free time, Mike loves spending time with family, fishing and playing most all sports.

Mike Swett

QA and Testing Specialist
Team Member

Bio coming soon...

Sam Barney

Team Javascript Lead
Team Member

Tim has an MA in International Economics and Finance from Johns Hopkins University. He has over 30 years of experience in varied leadership positions with American Express, HSBC, Lionsbridge Capital and more. Tim owns identifying new business opportunities and building strong and sustainable partnerships.

Tim Swett

Head of Business Development
Team Member

Vanessa helps launch web and mobile apps for entities ranging from start ups to well-established internet companies by keeping a constant focus on innovation, research and user experience. Vanessa has a BA in Theatre and Dance from UT Austin and is Certified Scrum Product Owner. She is an avid exerciser with a super positive mindset.

Vanessa Walters

Brand Manager and User Research